Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Andrew's Hamburgers

144 Bridport Street
Albert Park3206

I have been to Andrews once and finally I'm back. It just a really small shop and they don't really provide dining tables. Most of the customers come and take away their food. The staffs are really friendly and funny.

Look at all the bacons and patties! I simply could not wait till I get my food.
This is just how they wrap all the burgers, you can simply say its HUGE!
All the traditional beef burgers come with lettuce, tomato sauce and cooked onions. Their beef patties are tasty, and juicy. The most favourite one is Burger with the LOT! It comes with egg, bacon, tomato and cheese. It does not look really appetising in the photo, but do you know that a messy burger is a good burger?
Beef Patty with the LOT - $10.5
Kevin decided to try the steak with the Lot.. It looks amazing and really mouth watering. Its not that it tastes bad, but the burger goes better with the patty as steak is more chewy. 
Steak with the LOT - $11.5
My brother had the chicken with the Lot, it does not really surprise me. Its okay but I still prefer Grill'd chicken burger. 
Chicken with the LOT - $11.5
I did have the Kids Burger because the normal one is just too big for me, but who knows they use the same bun and patty. What's different is kids burger just supposed to go with cheese, beef and tomato sauce. I was trying to make it healthier so I ask for extra lettuce. 
Kids Burger - $6
Overall rating : 8, this is absolutely should be on the list of burger hunting. The portion is big and very value for money. You just need to prepare your mouth!

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Tuesday, 17 April 2012


100 Lt Londsdale Street
Melbourne CBD, 3000

I went to Gami on Monday night, i could not tell you how much i love fried chicken that i decided to come all the way from Southbank to city. Its not far but it actually took me 30mins plus the fact that I already cooked something for dinner. But i just couldnt say no >,<

There are up to 20 seats downstairs and more seats also available upstairs. I always get to sit upstairs but that's okay. Nothing really special about the decoration nor that it represents Korean. 

As usual we usually start with the corn cheese. Look at the melting cheese covering all the corns, GOODNESS!! I know its really fatty but who cares? However, it did not taste as good as usual, it should taste sweeter. 
Corn Cheese - $9
Kimchi pancake was good as usual. Its kinda thick but still crispy. The sauce tastes really nice, it has enough sour and salty flavour. 
Kimchi Pancake - $13
What a must to order? Of course their KFC!! They are famous for their fried chicken. There are 3 choices of flavours, Original, Soy Garlic and Sweet Chilli. The original is very crispy and tasty. The soy garlic sauce is kinda sweet but somehow i don't really fancy them. The sweet chilli tastes really good, it does not have that much gochujang as Hallah
Soy Garlic & Sweet Chilli (Half/Half) - $30
I just knew that they also sell boneless fried chicken. I personally prefer the boneless because they are easier to eat and more crispy. 
Soy Garlic & Sweet Chilli (Boneless Chicken) - $30
Overall rating : 8, this is definitely the place you should go for Korean Fried Chicken! The staffs are mostly friendly but sometimes food come out really slow when they are busy. The beer here is also cheap and good, they give some crackers for snack when you order beer :)

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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Minh Xuong

209 - 211 Russell Street
Melbourne CBD, 3000

This is just a usual Chinese restaurant in Chinatown, nothing so fancy about it. This is a place where I usually go with a group because they have many seats located upstairs. I have been returning to this place so many times not only because of the food but also the atmosphere, it does not make me sick like some other restaurants. For me, this is the cleanest fast Chinese restaurant I have ever seen in Melbourne and they are always very welcomed.

What's my favourite? Of course their Crispy Pork. They are always cooked beautifully, crispy, not soggy. What i like is they are very generous in portion, both rice and pork.  

Crispy Pork on Rice - $9

Their BBQ pork is also good although i still prefer Crispy Pork. 
Crispy & BBQ Pork on Rice - $11.50

The Pork chop is also a great choice. It comes out really crispy with spicy and salty taste.
Pork Chop with Spicy Salt on Rice - $10
Overall rating: 8, never fails to serve great crispy pork. Portion of every dish is big and very value for money. The service and atmosphere are great compared to other fast Chinese restaurants. 
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Sunday, 8 April 2012


268 Victoria Street
North Melbourne, 3051

I was craving for KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) so I suggested to go to Gami on Sunday night. We thought we're so lucky that we got a table so we started ordering the dishes. When the waiter was repeating, he then said "but we don't have any more rice". And we're like "whattttt???" We're so hungry that night so we really wanted to eat rice or we could eat 2 whole chicken. Of course we went out and i remembered there's another korean restaurant in Victoria st that also famous of KFC. Thats a little bit story how we ended up with Hallah. 

The place is located in Korean basecamp, haha.. why is that? because along the street there're so many Korean restaurants and they're not even 1m apart from one another. However, i really like the place. It does not look like a cheap restaurant. The waiting area itself looks proper and cozy and they also put polaroid photos of their customers. 

What i like the most is the letters in the dining area. They are simple but nice. 

The side dishes are kinda weird, kimchi, broccoli that also tastes like kimchi and red beans. They're okay but I'm expecting something more usual like potato or bean sprouts. 
I was wondering why does one side of the pancake has so much spring onion and the other side has almost none. But i did not expect they would taste different. The side that has no spring onion is thicker, plain and not really crispy while the other side is really thin and crispy which i like better.
Kimchi Pancake - $10
The chicken are not as crispy as Gami and they don't have enough flavour for the original. The sweet chilli looks amazing but the sauce is just too thick and we could not really eat it without rice. I think they use too much gochujang. 
 Full Serve Fried Chicken (Sweet Chilli and Original) - $33
Overall rating: 7, it was a good dinner, great place, the food came fast, service was good, its just the KFC that disappoints me. Might come back to try their BBQs and desserts like green tea pancake, green tea ice cream and black sesame ice cream.  
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Friday, 6 April 2012

Aix Creperie

Another culinary to French Crepe! This is just really tiny shop which located in Centre Place, a lane full of good cafes and street arts. Make sure you pay attention or you'll miss the place. 

There are only few seats available inside, but we were quite lucky to get a table for 3 in Sunday afternoon. This is a really authentic French shop, you can tell from all the decorations and the staffs speaking French.

They offer a wide range of menus from baguettes, savoury and sweet crepes. The crepes are kinda thick and not crispy on the outside. They are good but i kinda like Breizoz more. I can tell that the ice creams are homemade, because they are creamy taste really light after.  

My friend looked really attracted with the tiramisu choice, since then i knew that she's gonna order that. That's a good choice, I have never had tiramisu favour of crepe before. The crepe's filled with mascarpone cheese, coffee syrup, hazelnut on top and ice cream on the side. I like the coffee syrup, its not sweet but its not bitter either. 
Tiramisu Crepe with Coffee Syrup, Hazelnut and Ice Cream - $8
We also ordered the classic one, strawberry and nutella as you know they never go wrong. They give generous amount of nutella, as you can see, the nutella is melting inside the crepe. Goodness! 
Wild Strawberry and Nutella Crepe - $8.5 
Overall rating: 7, i really feel like eating Crepes in French. The staffs are really friendly and funny. Good crepes, good prices and good portions!
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CORICA..CORICA.. Have u tried their strudels? Well u should! It is truly right to say that one's never enough when eating Corica. Corica is actually the pastry shop's name, but sometimes people use the name to refer to its product. I don't know if its famous there, but in Melbourne its pretty famous.  Since i'm not in Perth, I could not go anytime I want and buy the strudels, i wish they open a store here in melbourne. We could not order them by ourselves too since there's minimum order so we usually wait for offers. There're only 3-4 offers a year, so don't miss it people! The pick up date is usually on Sunday and they are freshly made!

Last week I got my orders, 2 blueberries and 1 apple for $69. You might think its really expensive, but its totally worth it! The strudels are really big, about 40cm long and 20cm wide. 

Both the apple and blueberry strudels are just AMAZING! However, now i'm truly in love with the blueberry ones. The blueberry has the apple filling in the bottom and blueberry on the top layer where the apples only have apple fillings. The combination of both fillings works really well. The blueberry filling gives some sour taste to the strudel. 

Blueberry Strudel
Apple Strudel
They also sell Cream Horns now. What can i say, they are great too! Crispy pastry filled with delicious cream that tastes like the strudel's cream minus apple. 

Cream Horns
Overall rating: 9, I just love their strudels and waiting for the next batch order. I've never been to the shop so I don't know how's the service or atmosphere of this place, but i know they make yummy desserts! 

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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Cacao Green

I went to Cacao Green after dinner hearing they open a new store on Bourke St . The biggest reason is because there's an offer of BUY 1 GET 1 FREE..  Who does not like free or discount? 
The store is bigger than the one on Swanston Street and there are officially more seats available. 
The interior design is really pretty and it makes me feel fresh. The yellow lights make the place warm. There were so many balloons ceiling with Cacao Green print on them. 
There are four flavours; Italian Original, Pomegranate, Limonette and Japanese Matcha. They change the flavours quite often, because the last time I had French Strawberry but its not there anymore. Another thing I noticed, the prices have gone up. 

The Pomegranate tastes really good and refreshing. Its not too sweet and has enough sour flavour. The topping I like the most is the macadamia, even though they're crushed to little pieces, they are still crunchy.  
Pomegranate (Junior) - $ 4.7
Macadamia - $1
I have heard that the matcha is good so I give it a try but I don't like it. Its not too sweet but its kinda plain for me. I am a big fan of matcha and for me the yoghurt does not have that much flavour of matcha. 
Matcha (Junior) - $4.7
Overall rating: 7, this is a really good place for killing time or chatting with your friends while having refreshing desserts. Event though i'm a bit disappointed with the matcha but would go back to try the limonette. Staffs are friendly and very welcomed. 
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Purple Peanuts Japanese Cafe

I have heard so many good things about Purple Peanuts but never really visit even though I always pass this place every day. Me and 2 housemates have been planning to have lunch here for a week. Finally the day's come!! Its Thursday, I came straight from Uni and arrived before 12. It was not really busy and I got a table outside straight away. BUT... not long after the clock showed 12, there were just so many people making a long line. Most of them are employees who order take aways.

The restaurant is not really big, there are sits for 15 inside and almost 20 outside. For me, the restaurant is simple and cute. It has many decorations that portray Japanese culture. One thing I like is the way they set the cables so that it does not look disturbing but cute.
Look at the octopus! It looks angry :p
They sell Japanese salads and Onigiri which looks amazing in the front counter. The main menu is written on a paper sticked on the wall. The menu itself is also pretty, its all hand written with full description of each dish. sorry its not really clear :)
I had the tofu burger and this is the first time I had them. What can I say? It tastes amazing!! I personally do not like ginger, but I just ate them all :p The tofu patty is quite crispy but also moist in the inside and it goes really well with the teriyaki sauce. 
Tofu Vegie Burger - $9
From the appeareance, I can see that the pork is really tender and it is!! The red sauce itself comes from Korean chilli paste (gochujang). It has more sweet flavour than spicy. It might be better if the sauce is made a little bit more spicy. 
Kakuni Pork - $9.5
My friend looked a lit bit sad when his chicken curry came, i think its because he expected to get more chicken. Anyway, the curry sauce tastes really good and its made from scratch. The chicken is also tender and has the smell of grill. 
Chicken Curry - $9.2
Overall rating : 8, this is such an exciting lunch for me. i would really like to come back and try other menus and ONIGIRI because one of my friends said its delicious. The staffs are really friendly and even though its really busy, the food came out less than 8 minutes. For you who have been looking at this restaurant from tram, you should definitely try! FYI, they only open for lunch. 

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